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bramble is a revolutionary CFD platform that enables you to run your whole CFD process, from creating simulations to delivering reports, from any web-enabled device. Whether you are an experienced CFD Engineer with an established process or just starting out with simulation, bramble can work for you.
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Streamlined workflows, launch multiple runs, embed best practice.


Manage all your simulations, no matter how old, from one place.


Easily access all your forces, flow metrics and visualisations.

More Simulations, More Analysis,
Less Effort

Enable Digital Innovation

bramble boasts a number of features to boost productivity and enable collaboration in larger automotive departments.
  • Enforce best practice across users
  • Easily share results and reports
  • Styling to production level models

Race Winning CFD

Motorsport CFD is our heritage. bramble utilises our many years of experience to create powerful and easy-to-use features:
  • Automated ride height and flap adjustment
  • ‘One button’ launching of mapping sweeps
  • True cornering flow

Elite Simulation

bramble’s versatility allows its interface to be configured for a range of applications including cycling and swimming:
  • Armature movements of athletes
  • Automatic adjustment of geometry
  • Automated peloton creation

Naval CFD Without The Expense

We are currently working with Wikki to create a bramble workflow for their excellent Naval-Hydro-Pack code. This will enable:
  • 2-DOF (heave + pitch)
  • With/Without propellors
  • Smooth sea or with waves

A CFD Revolution
by TotalSim

For over twenty years we have been creating CFD software that enables simulation, drives down costs and maximises value for our customers. As consultants, we use this software every day for real world projects. This knowledge and experience has culminated in bramble, a CFD platform designed by engineers, for everyone.

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Available on Any Device

bramble can be accessed via a browser on any web-enabled device. Launch simulations and view results anywhere, any time.

Pricing options to suit you

Whether you want to integrate with your existing on-premise hardware, take advantage of the cloud, or both, bramble can work for you.
per core-hour
Rent on-premise serversRent on-premise servers
Use your existing computeUse your existing compute
Access only on your networkAccess only on your network
per core-hour
Pay per simulationPay per simulation
No subscription feesNo subscription fees
No storage costsNo storage costs

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