Innovative Cloud CFD Platform

that lets you focus on engineering


bramble’s user-friendly cloud platform for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),

speeds up the pre and post simulation process, allowing you to be hyper productive.

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Innovative Cloud CFD Platform

that lets you focus on engineering


bramble’s user-friendly cloud platform for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),

speeds up the pre and post simulation process, allowing you to be hyper productive.

FREE DEMOTalk to an Expert

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Why choose bramble?

fives times overall productivity gain in the CFD process
no license & no subscription fees with bramble CFD
customised data management with bramble CFD software
create consistency with bramble's inbuilt methodology
bramble for all levels of CFD experience
bramble offer expert level aerodynamic CFD simulation in a few days for £100

Why choose bramble?

Bramble in a nutshell

bramble is a cloud platform for CFD simulations that can be accessed, set-up or run from any web-enabled device. It provides support for the pre and post simulation process, increasing productivity and creating consistency between simulations.

Included within the platform are customised data management and analysis tools, as well as CFD support and because the software uses OpenFOAM there are no license or subscription charges.

explore more:

Discover the tools bramble use to speed up the simulation process

Explore our analysis & customised data management tools

Fast training, bespoke consulting and on going support

bramble applications:

formula 1 car


car cfd simulation


cfd simulation price for a bike with no rider


large boat on water


high rise buildings icon


air waves flowing through a box icon


bramble deliverables:

F1 plan drawing of vehicle. With different parts of racing car in green

Highlight geometry changes

big tick within a circle

Safety features, ensuring consistency

image of vehicle reporting on computer

Auto post-processing

access to old and new files

Access to new & old files

graphs, videos and images around person

Multi variable graphs

head and shoulders of three people

Collaborate with reports, tasks & mindmaps

Front view of formula 1 car

Set wing angles

car with arrow going over it, showing air crossing car at an angle

Cornering flow simulation

car behind another car

Car following car simulation

rally car icon

Power-slide simulation

wheel and suspension of vehicle

Quick suspension adjustments

car icon, with lines coming from it

Automatically create CFD simulations

Customer testimonials

PERRINN 424 logo

“Using CFD simulations rather than real-world testing allowed PERRINN to analyse many more designs. This also allowed us to run simulations, make alterations to the design, then run further tests, without making any prototypes. Saving huge amounts of time and money.”

Nico Perrin

Founder at PERRINN

Ariel Motor Company Logo. Users of bramble

“Access to BRAMBLE software has given us in-depth insight into the aerodynamics of our vehicles. It has helped indicate and solve problem areas that would have never been found otherwise. This level and speed of analysis would not have been financially viable for small companies like us without a ‘PAYG Do it Yourself system’.

We now use BRAMBLE on every project.

Simon Saunders

Founder & Director at Ariel Motor Company

Kuda logo

“Bramble CFD’s platform was simple and easy to use making it possible for us to produce multiple software simulations with high fidelity results. Running the bramble simulations instead of using expensive physical testing helped save us money on our product development process.”

Tim Vincent

Commercial Director at Kuda UK Ltd

DEXET Technologies logo

“bramble is extremely user-friendly, delivering high quality CFD simulations in no time. With support available at all times, it opens up CFD simulations to all engineers. We will be using bramble again!”

Federico Roma

Engineering Associate at DEXET Technologies

What does a CFD Simulation Cost with bramble?

Below are a few of examples of what your typical simulations would cost with bramble, based on public cloud simulation, (prices may vary).

Full car – Steady state RANS (public cloud)
car cfd simulation
Full car – Transient DES 2 secs (public cloud)
car cfd simulation
Bike only – Steady state RANS (public cloud)
cfd simulation price for a bike with no rider
Rider & bike – Steady state RANS (public cloud)
cfd simulation price for a bike
Rider & bike – Transient DES 2 secs (public cloud)
cfd simulation price for a bike

($ € ¥ We accept all major currencies at your current exchange rate. Please enquire.)

The bramble process

The step by step process when using bramble

1. CAD

Convert your CAD geometry to a triangulated mesh format such as STL. No additional CFD pre-processor needed.

2. Upload

Upload STL to bramble and use to create an Assembly in the Model Viewer.

3. Solve

Select CFD methodology, template settings and combine with your Assembly.  Launch simulation.

4. Visualise

Use bramble’s results page to view forces, flow metrics, images and movies.

5. Decision

Make next design decision and repeat the process.

Latest News

Bramble’s latest news, articles & press releases

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What is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)?

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the process of mathematically predicting fluid flow by solving Navier-Stokes equations using computational power. The Navier-Stokes equations are used to describe temperature, pressure, velocity and density of a moving fluid.

Why is it helpful?

The benefit of CFD simulations is that you can test the aerodynamics, temperature, pressure/drag/downforce of your product before it has even been made. So saving huge amounts in prototypes and ensuring high quality when you do reach production.
CFD simulation is increasingly being adopted into more and more fields from automotive and sports to building services and life sciences.

The benefits of CFD simulations

In comparison to traditional real life experiments CFD simulations can be:
– Cheaper to run,
– Easier to test multiple designs,
– Size of the product and transportation isn’t a problem.