Competitive Pricing

Whether you desire the flexibility of using the cloud or want to keep all your data in-house, there is an option available for you.


Accessing bramble in-the-cloud is the quickest and most flexible way to start running simulations. Utilise our bramble servers and gain access to our 3000+ cores of CFD optimised HPC with options to burst to providers such as AWS.

In-House Leasing

Unlike other cloud CFD platforms, bramble can be configured to run on your own network with no external internet connection, keeping all your data ‘in-house’.  bramble will be supplied on pre-configured servers that can be connected to your existing HPC.  For an additional cost, the HPC can also be leased.

£0.0575 £89.99
per core-hourbilled yearly
Pay per simulationPay per simulation
No subscription feesNo subscription fees
No storage costsNo storage costs
£0.0106 £59.99
per core-hourbilled yearly
Run on your own networkRun on your own network
Use your existing computeUse your existing compute
From £420/month + 1p/core-hourFrom £420/month + 1p/core-hour

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