Tutorial – Accessing the Developer Console

Most web browsers have a ‘developer console’ that can be opened to see what is happening when web pages load and run. This is often used to provide additional information when reporting issues with the application.
Accessing the developer console

‘Console’ and ‘Network’

The developer console has a number of features but the two that are most useful for reporting issues are the ‘Console’ and ‘Network’.
The ‘Console’ reports what happens when commands are run by bramble, any errors that occur will appear here in red. ‘Network’, reports any requests that have been sent to bramble’s servers and how long these loads take to happen. Again, any errors appear in red.

Accessing the developer console 2

Reporting Issues Appearing in the Developer Console

Information only starts appearing in the console once it has been open. So if you find an issue whilst using bramble, then open the developer console, reload your browser and repeat the steps that caused the error to appear. Should any error messages appear in the console or network tabs, then take a screenshot and include it in an email, along with a description of the steps you took to create the error. Emailing the bramble version number can also be helpful, this is shown in the bottom right of the bramble window.

Reporting Issues Appearing in the Developer Console

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