bramble Tutorials

Below are a selection of bramble tutorials that will help get you and your team up and running.

accessing the post-processing menu
Tutorial – Adding Post Processing Options

A step by step on how to add a new post-processing option.

click on a design in the contour map
Tutorial – Aero-Mapping

Step by step on how to use bramble’s ‘Mappings’ feature.

converting RANS to DES
Tutorial – Converting RANS to DES

A step by step on how to convert a RANS case to DES.

Donor Mesh Workflow
Tutorial – ‘Donor Mesh’ and ‘Donor Solve’ Workflows

A step by step on how to clone meshes and RANS solutions using ‘Donor Mesh’ ans ‘Donor Solve’ workflows.

Accessing the developer console
Tutorial – Accessing the Developer Console

How to access the developer console and report errors.

Scan to CFD mesh
Tutorial – Preparing Geometry for CFD – BrambleCFD

Learn how to prepare CAD geometry ready for use in a simulation, including selecting the right mesh settings.

Tutorial – How to set up Mind Maps

Track the progress of your projects, compare performance metrics or view the geometry of runs.