bramble Tutorials

Uncertain how to set-up aero-mapping or how to set up image deltas? Fear not, we have you covered! Explore our step by step tutorials covering some of the key CFD tasks in bramble, ensuring you and your team get up and running in no time.

Looking for more information on CFD practices, why not head over to our blog where we cover some of the bramble features and why we do them, such as cornering flow, easy to change attitudes and much more.

accessing the post-processing menu
Tutorial – Adding Post Processing Options

A step by step on how to add a new post-processing option.

click on a design in the contour map
Tutorial – Aero-Mapping

Step by step on how to use bramble’s ‘Mappings’ feature.

converting RANS to DES
Tutorial – Converting RANS to DES

A step by step on how to convert a RANS case to DES.

Donor Mesh Workflow
Tutorial – ‘Donor Mesh’ and ‘Donor Solve’ Workflows

A step by step on how to clone meshes and RANS solutions using ‘Donor Mesh’ ans ‘Donor Solve’ workflows.

Accessing the developer console
Tutorial – Accessing the Developer Console

How to access the developer console and report errors.

Scan to CFD mesh
Tutorial – Preparing Geometry for CFD

Learn how to prepare CAD geometry ready for use in a simulation, including selecting the right mesh settings.

Screen shot of the process of creating mind maps in bramble
Tutorial – How to set up Mind Maps

Track the progress of your projects, compare performance metrics or view the geometry of runs.

image delta tutorial
Tutorial – Setting up Image Deltas in bramble

Learn how to set up the quicker way to producing Image deltas