Go further with bramble

Starting out with CFD or adopting a new methodology can be a challenging process. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent support in this process.


Working with you and using our years of experience, we can create a Best Practice methodology tailored to your application.

  • CFD tailored to you
  • No experience required
  • Complete training provided

  • Individuals
  • Companies

    For companies with an established CFD process, we can work with you to transfer that process into bramble.  We can provide assistance with benchmarking, model builds, and on-going CFD support.

    • Your methodology in bramble
    • Benchmarking offered
    • Low risk trials

  • Companies
    • bramble in a box

      A complete CFD solution delivered to you

      Running simulations involves more than installing software. Time and effort has to be spent creating and maintaining IT infrastructure including HPC, storage and networking.
      Avoid this with our 'bramble-in-a-box' solution; a pre-configured flight-case containing bramble servers and up to 512-cores of CFD optimised HPC.

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      Find out how bramble can be tailored to your application.

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