All Your Results in One Place

Easily access forces, flow metrics and visualisations from the Result view. Simulations are automatically processed when they complete letting you start your analysis quickly and easily. No more configuring spreadsheets or searching through folders for images. Access your data in one place, wherever you are.

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Easy comparative analysis

Much of our time as engineers is spent comparing one simulation to another, so bramble has been designed to make this as easy as possible. Whether this is instantly generating force deltas, viewing movies side-by-side with linked pan-and-zoom, or quickly comparing force distributions, bramble gives you the tools you need.

Collaboration at its core

Traditional CFD workflows are inherently siloed, with precious man-time wasted sending data subsets between stakeholders. bramble breaks down barriers and boosts productivity by allowing all authorised users to view results when they are made available. Built-in reporting and shareable links keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest results.
Designed by Engineers for Engineers

bramble's results interface gives you the tools you need to undertake detailed analysis quickly and easily.

Fast Access

Quickly access all your results from one place

Customisable Tables

Create and customise multiple results tables

Image and Movie Viewer

View images and movies, link pan & zoom, Switcher for easy comparative analysis

Interactive Graphs

Plot bar charts, scatter plots and polar coordinates simply within the browser

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Request a demonstration and see bramble in action.

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