Different workflows can require different mesh settings. Having to manually update these can be a pain, especially if you forget and need to re-run your simulation!

Workflow specific mesh settings allow bramble to intelligently activate refinements so you don’t have to.

Workflow Specific Mesh Settings

In bramble, users define mesh recipes in an input deck called the Template Case. Users also select what type of simulation they wish to run (e.g. steady state RANS, transient DES, thermal etc) from list of available options.  The simulation type is known as the Workflow.

When defining a mesh recipe, it is possible to add a setting that references a specific workflow.  bramble will only apply these mesh settings when the corresponding workflow is used.

Selecting Workflow and Template Case

Increasing Brake Disc Refinement

As an example, we might occasionally run thermal calculations predicting the heat rejection from some brake discs.  Perhaps we’re doing a series of runs that are looking at cooling performance of the brake ducting.

Increasing the brake disk refinement is a simple case of adding a setting that matches the discs and adds extra refinement and additional boundary layers. Of course, we only want this to be activated for the thermal workflows, so we can add:

“workflow”: “.*Thermal.*”

The regular expression .*Thermal.* will match any workflow containing the word ‘Thermal’. This setting won’t be used if the selected workflow does not have ‘Thermal’ in it.

Adding a workflow specific mesh setting

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