An important aspect of the aerodynamic development of a vehicle is to consider its performance at different attitudes. Knowing how the flow structures change with different ride heights, yaw conditions and steering angle, is key to developing a vehicle that operates efficiently over a range of conditions.

However, updating a vehicle’s attitude in CAD and then creating the CFD model can be a complex and time consuming activity. For that, we have developed a crucial tool to speed up this process, the bramble kinematic model.


This tool allows you to drastically speed up productivity. Taking a task that requires on average 4 to 5 hours per attitude to just seconds. Saving days of man-time.

Bramble kinematic model settings

The bramble kinematic model allows the vehicle attitude to be updated without needing to manually update the CAD geometry. Our kinematics have an extensive library of different suspension geometries and can even handle other use-cases such as yaw, roll and pitch of an aircraft.

Kinematic setup coordinates

Each kinematic model needs a different set of entries from the baseline geometry. A front wing pitch model needs two points to define the rotation axis for instance, while a double wishbone suspension would need more parameters for each component.

Each kinematic model needs a different set of entries from the baseline geometry.

Once configured, any different attitude can be run by modifying the parameters from the map tab.  This is where we tell bramble the attitude or attitudes that we wish to test the vehicle over.

After baseline creation, different attitudes run by modifying parameters from map tab.
bramble cfd movie of different attitude changes on formula 1 car
simulation post-processing movie showing Formula ! car at different attitudes
video of changing attitudes in CFD simulation

Next Step, Run Aero Maps

bramble’s kinematics is the first step to creating aero maps, a crucial tool for motorsport development. More details can be checked on this earlier blog post How to Run an Aero-Map in CFD

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