In our earlier blog ‘How to Run an Aero-Map in CFD’ we talked about how bramble’s workflow allows an easy setup for the creation of aero-maps. If you missed the post, read it here.

Following on from this, one of the highly important applications of aero-maps are their use within the driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators.

aero-maps table to be used for Driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators

Reflecting Reality

DIL simulators are an important tool in both development process of a race-car, driver training, and testing different setups and race strategies during pre-events preparation. A crucial aspect of setting up a simulator is the vehicle modelling. During a lap, a vehicle experiences different levels of braking, accelerating and cornering, on which the chassis attitude and ride height changes, and so consequently the aerodynamic loads vary.

Having a high-fidelity representation of an aero-map will increase the accuracy of the simulator model and better represent the vehicle behaviour during a lap, increasing the fidelity of simulators sessions and giving better correlation with track data.

Faster Set-up, Better Results

Creating aero-maps is something that can take a little time, thankfully bramble offers a time saving solution! bramble’s workflows with kinematics setups and mapping allows for an easy creation of this important tool for vehicle modelling in simulators. Saving days in man-time.

If your team uses Driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators and you would be interested in knowing more about how bramble can be used to increase the fidelity of it, please contact us today.

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