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All our HPC clusters have been optimised for running OpenFOAM. They balance cost and performance gain, giving fast solves without going overboard on specifications. We currently have over 3000 cores in-house used for our CFD consultancies and bramble customers. All our hardware utilises Open Source software, including the operating system, job scheduler and management software.

Benchmarking data

Based on TotalSim’s OpenFOAM code.

HPC clusters

For customers with short-term requirements, or periods of high-demand, we offer dedicated rental of our in-house cores, including Intel Gen1, AMD Gen1 and AMD Gen2. All options can be hosted with us or on your premises.

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Bramble also offer rack mounted workstations including hypervised options. Workstations can be used for hosting storage, acting as the queue master, along with providing a high-powered remote work environment.


Simulations require fast and reliable storage. Enter bramble's latest solution offering 384Tb of storage in a single 4U chassis. Backed up by two Intel Xeon 4216 chips and 384Gb of RAM. Storage built for CFD.

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