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The bramble platform makes the whole CFD process, from case creation to report writing simple and streamlined. Discover its revolutionary features.

Enable Simulation

bramble lets CFD Engineers build template simulations for other users on their account. These templates, along with easy-to-use features, allows users with little or no CFD knowledge to run high quality simulations. bramble facilitates rapid onboarding of new engineers making them more productive, sooner.
  • Best Practice
  • Workflow Automation
  • Realtime 3D Model Configuration
  • Pre and Post Run Checks
  • Advanced Kinematics
  • Minimise Rework

Embeds Best Practice

Changes in mesh recipe and solver settings can cloud differences between CFD solutions. Therefore it is critical to ensure Best Practice is followed from run-to-run and from engineer-to-engineer. bramble's lifecycles have key gateways that mix manual and automated checking to ensure Best Practice is followed and consistency is kept between simulations.
Complete Pre-Run Checks

Making Hard Things Easy

Often, ‘Easy to Use’ means ‘Basic’. Model complexity is sacrificed to simplify the simulation process. Not so with bramble. Years of knowledge and experience allows us to automate complex CFD workflows without any such compromise. bramble gives you the tools to tackle cutting edge problems with previously unachievable levels of automation.

Realtime Model Configuration

Build, configure and check models interactively

  • Interactive model viewer
  • Highlight geometry changes
  • Visualise CFD setup

Powerful Kinematic Solvers

In many applications, updating geometry position and associated boundary conditions is a time consuming and error-prone process. bramble comes with powerful kinematic solvers that automate this process. Imagine running a fully detailed race car over multiple ride heights. bramble does this at the click of a button.

  • Adjust common suspension types
  • Set wing angles
  • Automatically updates CFD settings

Errors no MORE

CFD simulations can be long running and use large amounts of computing power. It is imperative therefore that errors are caught before simulations are even launched. bramble is built with this in mind. It uses visual checks to highlight differences between simulations along with automated checks to catch hard-to-spot errors.

  • Catch common mistakes
  • Check geometry changes
  • Visualise CFD setup

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