A Cloud CFD Platform

That is Simplified, Accessible, & Accelerated

CFD Simulations of race car from a Cloud CFD Platform

User friendly CFD platform with automated workflows, inbuilt safety measures, and data management.


A cloud CFD platform giving access to create high quality CFD simulations from any web enabled device.


Reduce pre & post-processing man-time with a 5 x overall productivity gain.

All at a price that will make you smile.

bramble benefits

Increased productivity


bramble offers a 5X overall productivity gain with automated CFD simulations.

Automatically change the ride height of your vehicle, (reducing pre-processing time from hours to seconds). Or measure how drag and downforce is affected once it’s behind another vehicle. Speeding up pre-processing time from 1-day to seconds.

In fact, to save you time, bramble automates the process of creating CFD simulations. You select the geometry and bramble create the simulations.

 “bramble can compress your design cycles by over an order of magnitude.”


Reliable results

You can trust the results you get from bramble.

Our CFD software has inbuilt safety measures to catch errors before they occur giving you trusted simulation predictions.

bramble creates consistency with inbuilt methodologies ensuring your simulations will remain reliable, accurate and repeatable no matter who runs them.

The automated workflows lead you through the CFD process and help ensure the correct data is entered when needed.

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 Customised data management


Fast access to your results, customisable tables, image and movie viewer and interactive graphs

bramble puts all the results from your simulations in one place. Nicely organised to make finding, analysing and tracking your data so much easier.

Easily compare multiple results side by side or quickly highlight the differences between images.

To top it all off, you will have access to old and new files permanently, yes, even if you decide to stop using the bramble platform.

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Cost effective

With bramble you do not need to buy a license, and there are no subscription charges. Just pay for your simulations as you go.

We have spent 20-years refining our CFD software and hardware solution to drive down costs. Consequently, our rates are low but our CFD simulations are of a high quality and accuracy.

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 User friendly

Reduce the time needed to set simulations with bramble’s automated workflows.

Allowing you to run CFD simulations overnight and have your easy, readable results waiting for you in the morning.

All the post-processing of your results is automatically done with bramble, including images, animations, forces, flow metrics, force distributions. No scripting is required.

We can provide tried and tested meshing and solving strategies for your application. So you can start running simulations with no CFD experience.

To top it all off training only takes a morning.

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Complete CFD support

Our developers and engineers are ready to support you.

We offer training, on-going development and assistance with baseline model builds.

We can call upon the wider TotalSim family for scanning services, aerodynamics consulting and physical testing.

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Compute Optimised for CFD

We have been building CFD specific HPC for over 20 years. Today, bramble has access to over 3000-cores of the latest generation of AMD and Intel-based clusters. At the change of a setting, it can also leverage cloud providers like AWS for rapid bursting of capacity. We can also link bramble to your own HPC clusters.

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Years Experience

The bramble process

The step by step process when using bramble

1. CAD

Convert your CAD geometry to a triangulated mesh format such as STL. No additional CFD pre-processor needed.

2. Upload

Upload STL to bramble and use to create an Assembly in the Model Viewer.

3. Solve

Select CFD methodology, template settings and combine with your Assembly.  Launch simulation.

4. Visualise

Use bramble’s results page to view forces, flow metrics, images and movies.

5. Decision

Make next design decision and repeat the process.

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