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Kuda Automotive are one of the largest and leading suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and installers of Commercial Vehicle Aerodynamics and Accessories in the UK.

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The Challenge

How does a Kuda iAM Air Management kit fitted to various tractor unit and trailer combinations effect the overall drag.

The bramble solution

Using real world 3D scanned parts and manufacture supplied vehicle and trailer models bramble CFD were able to run CFD simulations assessing the drag both with the Kuda iAM Air Management kit fitted and without.

Value Realised

The results of bramble’s CFD simulations clearly showed the benefits of installing a Kuda iAM Air Management kit with a huge reduction in drag that would increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 5.5% and the vehicle’s overall drag by up to 11%.

“Bramble CFD’s platform was simple and easy to use making it possible for us to produce multiple software simulations with high fidelity results. Running the bramble simulations instead of using expensive physical testing helped save us money on our product development process.”

Tim Vincent

Commercial Director, Kuda UK Ltd

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