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How We Adopted Open Source CFD

Back in the early-2000s some of our longer serving (older!) staff, myself included, were working at British American Racing - [...]

We Are Recruiting!

The role: At Bramble CFD, we create innovative services that enable our customers to exploit the best simulation software and […]

When is a Simulation Complete?

When is a simulation complete?  When it finishes solving, or when the postpro has generated, or even when someone has [...]

Intelligent Mesh Settings

Different workflows can require different mesh settings and having to manually update these can be a pain, especially if you [...]

Consistency is the Key

Changes in mesh recipe and solver settings will invariable result in different CFD solutions.  Consequently, it is important to ensure [...]

Save Time and Money with Mesh Cloning

Testing geometries over multiple flow conditions is an effective method of producing more robust designs.  Where these flow conditions are [...]

Why We Like ‘Not Quite Straight-line’ Testing

Over past decade, we have seen more and more development programmes go straight from CFD to production without wind tunnel [...]

Time to Rethink Cornering Flow?

Bramble gives you the ability to model cars in cornering conditions where the wheels are steered, the body is rolled [...]

PERRINN Project 424

We are pleased to announce that the bramble platform has been chosen by the PERRINN Project 424 team to develop [...]

Boost Account Security

You can boost your Bramble account's security with one-time password multi-factor authentication.  It is quick and easy to enable and [...]