Documenting your findings is an important part of the simulation process.  However, populating reports and spreadsheets with images and text can be cumbersome, especially when all you really need to do is quickly record your thoughts. That is why we have created Annotations.

Quickly capture, annotate and comment on key pieces of post-processing and share with your colleagues.

Annotations are stored alongside standard post-processing, so they can be reviewed at any point in the future at the touch of a button.

Creating Annotations

Annotations are created in the Results view.  Begin by reviewing the post-processing from you simulation as normal.  When you have identified an important flow feature copy the image (right-click on it and press copy image), or take a screen grab.

CFD post-processing in bramble.

With your image captured, press the ‘Upload Annotations’ button in the top-right of the post-processing viewer window.  Then press paste (ctrl+v) to add the image.  You can also select an image saved to your computer if you desire.

Annotate results from CFD simulations

Add any comments to the description text box, and click on the image to activate the annotator which allows you to draw lines, circles and other shapes onto the image.  Finally, press Upload to save in the database.

Viewing Annotations

Once created, Annotations can be accessed in the Results view like standard post-processing.  Select your run as normal from the forces table. There should now be a new ‘Annotations’ selection at the top of the force table, alongside the plots and movies buttons.

Viewing Annotations on CFD simulations

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