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The Bramble Platform

Bramble is a revolutionary approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics created by world leading CFD consultancy, TotalSim Ltd. Bramble allows the CFD process to be run using modern, web-based technologies on in-house or cloud resources and with open source CFD software.

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Data Driven Engineering

Bramble is built on the premise that giving engineers greater access to the data they generate will lead to more informed design decisions, faster development times and reduced costs.

To achieve this, all the data that gets generated through the Bramble CFD process is stored in a database that can be readily accessed and interrogated through a web interface. This interface, coupled with advanced data visualisations, allows engineers and their customers to view results and reports from any web-enabled device whether it be high end workstation or portable tablet.

No Experience Required

CFD is difficult. Creating and validating models to a high standard requires many years experience and so this represents a bar to entry for many companies. With the Bramble platform, the details of the CFD model can be controlled by key engineers or created by experts at TotalSim Ltd, freeing up designers to perform analyses without any CFD specific knowledge.

In-House or In-The-Cloud

The Bramble platform can be readily tailored to work with in-house hardware or to provide access to cloud based HPC resources. So, whether you require the security of keeping all of your IP within a company, or the freedom and simplicity of cloud based vertical applications, Bramble can work for you.

Simulated F1 Year in Industry

The flagship course offered by UniFi Motorsport is targeted at those students seeking a role within Motorsport Aerodynamics. Although the course is based on F1 design principles, the skills gained during the course will provide an ideal platform from which to build a career in a wide range of aerodynamic design disciplines.

The course aims to complement the student's academic studies with the experience of developing the Aerodynamics of a F1 car throughout a typical season, and to the very latest F1 Technical Regulations. The students will develop their understanding of the flow structures around a modern F1 car, and whilst specialising on a specific area each student will work as part of a team to develop the complete car to ensure they start to appreciate the aerodynamic interactions throughout the car.

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Bramble and UniFi

The Bramble platform provides bespoke and dedicated access to a CFD cloud resource running OpenFOAM on hardware provided by SGI. Bramble enables students to focus on the development of the race car rather than the development of CFD models. Its interface does not require any prior knowledge or experience of OpenFoam or indeed any CFD code. This ensures that during the course the students can focus on adding performance to their race car and understanding the approach required to do that, rather than on the setup and settings required to run a successful CFD model.

The UniFi-Bramble portal can be accessed here.

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